Mucky business!

Sadly, it wasn't just me who was getting down and dirty rolling around in the hay...

Published by: Paul Carter and Laura Hinton
Published on: 23 August 2012

Horse-mad, I loved spending time down the stables with my pony Bracon. My boyfriend Bobby, 23, wasn't as keen, but he still gave me a lift there every Saturday morning.
‘Hurry up,' I teased, pushing him out of bed. ‘The quicker we go, the quicker you can get back!'
Soon enough, we were there and Bobby was helping me to muck out. I was surprised because he'd usually stand there on his phone, bored.
‘How can you not love my horse?' I chuckled, stroking Bracon's soft hair.
‘He's all right I suppose,' Bobby laughed, wiping his brow. ‘I'd prefer to be back home in bed with you though...' I stopped for a minute and watched Bobby as he worked away. Phwoar! His muscles flexed, and I couldn't take my eyes off them. Tall, dark haired and blue-eyed... blimey, I was a lucky girl.
My daydream was interrupted suddenly by my pal Amy, 23. We'd been friends for ages and went riding together three times a week. She had a horse a few stables down.
‘Natasha!' she said, nudging me. ‘Are you okay?'
‘Good, thanks,' I grinned, knowing she knew what I'd been thinking about. ‘Just putting my man to good use.'
‘That's what I like to hear,' she laughed.
Amy knew all the gossip about me and Bobby. I could remember how excited I'd been to tell her about him after we'd met in a nightclub.
‘He's an English student,' I'd said. ‘I was dancing away and he caught my eye.'
‘Brains and good looks then,' she'd chuckled.
The three of us often went out together, usually at the stables. Bobby would have a chat with her, leaving me to do the work!
‘Anyway, back to work, mister,' I said, giving him a wink.
The following Saturday, I decided to give Bobby a rest. While I went to the stables, he went food shopping instead.
It was four hours later, though, when he finally rolled in.
‘I bumped into an old friend and went for a drink,' he said, pulling off his shoes. ‘Hope you don't mind?'
‘Of course not,' I said. ‘Er, but how come you've got hay on your socks!' He stared down at his feet then burst out laughing.
‘Oh, I popped down the stables, too,' he said. ‘Thought I might catch you with Bracon.'
‘See, I knew you'd get into horses eventually,' I smiled.
But he seemed a bit secretive...
Later, I brought it up with my mate Jill, 22.
‘A lot of men seem secretive sometimes when they're, you know, looking for an engagement ring...' she said.
‘We have joked about getting married before,' I admitted.
The more I thought about it, the more I realised just how much of an effort Bobby had been making. Last weekend he'd even helped me muck out the stables! And we had been together for two years.
‘Maybe!' I grinned.
A couple of months on, though, there wasn't a ring in sight. I was cleaning the house while Bobby watched TV. Picking his jacket up off the floor, I emptied the pockets out so I could put it in the wash. Gasping in shock, I pulled out a tiny white thong.
‘What the hell is this?!' I screeched, rushing into the living room.
‘A girl threw it at me in the bar,' he said, his face draining of colour. ‘It was a dare. They were on a hen party.' Bobby worked in a bar, and it was always full of groups of drunk women.
‘Seriously?' I sighed, my panic subsiding. ‘Oh God, I feel so stupid.'
‘I don't know why I didn't give it back,' he shrugged.
‘I'm sorry.'
‘No, I'm sorry,' I said, feeling foolish. ‘Ignore me.'
So later on, when he popped out and didn't answer my calls, I decided to head down to the stables alone.
I'd only just started mucking out Bracon's stable when I heard Bobby's voice. Bless him - he'd come down to surprise me!
Following the sound, I walked down towards Amy's stable with the shovel of horse manure still in my hands. I noticed a wall of hay had been built up. That was odd. What was going on behind there?!
Suddenly, I was rooted to the spot in shock. I recognised those Calvin Klein pants. The last time I'd seen them they were on Bobby's bum - now they around his ankles! Bobby was rolling about in the hay and Amy was on top of him... I thought I was going to be sick.
‘Bobby!' I gasped, my mouth so dry I could barely
get out the words.
Amy saw me first and screamed. When Bobby spotted me, his eyes opened wide in shock.
‘How could you?' I whispered, completely heartbroken.
Then a fierce anger surged through me. I did the only thing I could think of and threw the shovel of manure at them.
‘I'm sorry,' Bobby mumbled, desperately trying to wipe away the horse poo. ‘It's a mistake!'
But as he fumbled around, frantically pulling up his trousers, I saw red. Losing control, I swung the shovel at him. But Amy grabbed it off me before I could do any damage. ‘Stop, I'm sorry,' she sobbed.
Choking back tears, I couldn't believe it. I'd caught my boyfriend and my friend having nookie in the hay! Bobby turned and ran, stumbling as he tried to pull up his pants at the same time.
‘Don't ever come near me again,' I spat at Amy, as she sprinted off behind him.
Soon, I'd rung Jill. She picked me up and took me for a drink.
‘He was getting it on with her in the stable!' I wept.
‘Oh, you poor thing,' she said, giving me a hug.
Then I froze. ‘I caught him with hay on his socks a few months back,' I sobbed. ‘It must've been going on a long time.'
And the thong in his pocket - that was Amy's, too.
By the time I got home later, all of Bobby's stuff was gone. I was relieved. I couldn't face him.
I couldn't stop crying as I imagined the two of them together. Had I missed a spark developing between them?
To think I'd thought that Bobby had been making an extra effort with me. No, it was really Amy he'd been thinking about.
Over the next few days, Bobby kept ringing and begging me for forgiveness, but I wasn't having it.
‘I'll never forgive you,' I cried.
Not only had I lost my boyfriend, I'd lost my friend, too.
Even though I heard that Amy had moved stables, I couldn't face the thought of going back, So I sold poor Bracon.
Now, I'm just trying to move on. I really hope Bobby doesn't take another girl for a ride. I thought I'd found my sexy stallion, but he's only left me feeling sad and saddle sore.

Bobby, 23, said: ‘I've been really stupid and I got caught. It'd been going on for about a year but it's over now.'

Amy, 23, said: ‘I told him to choose one of us, but he wouldn't.'

Natasha Howarth, 22, Widnes, Lancashire