It's me who'll be wrapped!

I found a sexy solution to help me pay for the cost of this Christmas...

Published by: Dawn Murden and Rachel Spencer
Published on: 13 December 2012

A pretty jumper caught my eye in the shop window.
‘You'd look lovely in that,' I sighed to my two-month-old daughter Kendra. ‘Shame I can't afford it.'
Money was tight because I'd quit my bar job to look after her. My boyfriend Danny, 21, worked in construction, but all the nappies and baby food meant our bills had doubled.
‘I'll have to start saving for Christmas soon,' I grumbled. It was eight months away but I was already worried she'd have to go without. I was desperate to give my daughter the world, but half of Kendra's clothes were
‘You look awful,' said my friend Sarah, 25, when we met up a couple of days later.
‘We're really struggling with money,' I admitted.
‘You should strip like me,' she said. Sarah had recently been working in lap-dancing clubs around Bristol and Plymouth to make extra cash.
‘No way,' I laughed. The thought of pervy old men made me cringe!
‘You're a pretty girl,' she said. ‘Come to the club. You'll see it's not as bad as you think.'
‘It's just not me,' I giggled. ‘But thanks for trying to help.'
Later that night though, I was putting Kendra to bed when
I spotted a hole in her pyjamas. Shaking my head, I told myself
I couldn't face raiding the charity shop bargain bins again. Then my chat with Sarah came back to me. I mean, I was a size eight, and I used to work in a bar, where I would flirt with the regulars. It wouldn't hurt to visit the club...
‘You've got to be kidding me,' Danny laughed when I told him. ‘I'm being serious,' I said. ‘Let's just see what it's like.'
He wasn't happy, but agreed to go along with me.
Walking into the club the following night, we made our way to a booth. As the music got louder, a few women made their way onto stage. They moved effortlessly around the pole, peeling off their clothes. I couldn't do that!
But when they finished, they still had their bra and knickers on. They only took their tops off for private dances. Then I saw their knickers - they were filled with £20 notes! I knew there and then that I had to give it a go.
So I got myself an audition and practiced my routine on Danny.
‘You look amazing,' he purred, when I straddled him in black lacy knickers. When I freed my 32FF boobs from my bra, he carried me straight to bed!
‘I'm fine with it,' he giggled. ‘As long as I'm the only one who gets the finale!'
‘Of course,' I promised. ‘This is for you and Kendra.'
Flying through the audition a couple of days later, I was ready to start. Butterflies fluttered in my tummy as I stepped on stage in front of a room full of men for the first time wearing black stilettos and a robe. Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics played as I shook my hips. My heart pounded in my chest as
I wiggled my boobs and peeled off the robe. I reminded myself I was doing this for Kendra. But then I realised all eyes were on me, and I actually felt a buzz!
‘You were amazing,' a man whispered afterwards. ‘Can I have a private dance?' This was where the real money came from! 
‘Sure,' I grinned.
But, as I lead him to a private booth, my nerves kicked in.
I had to get my boobs out! But then I realised he was gawping at me like I was a goddess. If only he'd seen me earlier, covered in baby sick!
‘Thank you,' he grinned, stuffing a £20 note in the waistband of my knickers. That night, I took home £300 for three hours work!
‘We're rich,' I giggled to Danny that night.
‘You're a star, babe,' he grinned.
The next day, I went on a shopping spree and bought Kendra a new buggy and clothes.
Soon, I was taking home £900 a week. The only downside was
I hated being out at night.
‘Maybe you could strip online from home?' one of the girls at work suggested.
It sounded like a good idea, so I made a profile on the site she recommended, bought a webcam and popped to Ann Summers for an outfit. I was ready!
‘Hello boys,' I giggled, donning my pigtails and schoolgirl uniform. ‘I'm going to be naughty for you tonight...'
Seconds later, they typed back, asking me to flash my boobs. In return, they'd send money to my account.
Leaning forwards in a seductive pose, I pouted and the money started rolling in. In the first month alone, I made £4,000!
Six months on, I'd quit the club and was working the webcam full-time.
I want to buy you some sexy shoes, a man with a foot fetish messaged one night.
‘I'd love that,' I purred back. Then I had an idea. Maybe I could create a wish list on Amazon and he could buy me something straight from there. Hang on, Christmas was around the corner... perhaps I could stick a few things on for Kendra, too!
I added toys for Kendra and a Playstation for Danny. Then I posted it on my profile.
Feeling festive, I bought a sexy Mrs Claus bra and knicker set to get my clients in the spirit!
‘Santa baby, I've been an awfully good girl this year,'
I pouted at the camera. ‘Do I deserve a gift?' Anything for you, my Christmas cracker, the bloke pinged back.
Ker-ching! The notifications on my wish list came flooding in.
Mrs Christmas was going down a storm...
I was getting all their jingle bells jangling!
‘I wonder who I'll kiss under the mistletoe this year,' I purred. ‘I'm looking for someone to unwrap me.'
Next thing I knew, my sexy sideline had paid for Danny's Playstation! Before too long, I'd ticked off everything on my wish list.
I want to give Kendra the best start in life, so I'll strip for as long as I can. Thanks to my sexy stripping, her first Christmas will definitely be one of the merriest!
Hayley Bedford, 25, Torquay, Devon