Who's a dirty dog!

My Mr Perfect had hidden a far more sleazy side...

Published by: Robin Corry & Amy Thompson
Published on: 5th January 2011

The letterbox rattled and an envelope dropped on to the doormat. Picking it up, I stared at the familiar handwriting. ‘Oliver Wale,’ I muttered in disbelief.
It was only a year ago we’d broken up. We were teenage sweethearts until I’d left to work at a hotel in Barbados. Aged 16, I’d had to grab the opportunity.
Ripping open the envelope, I read the letter inside. Heard you were back in the country. I’m organising a class reunion, would be great if you could come…
Underneath was the name of a bar, a date and time. ‘Why not?’ I shrugged. It’d be good to catch up with some old mates.
A few days later, arriving at the bar, I walked in to see Ollie already there. ‘Hey,’ he said, giving me a hug. ‘I’m so glad you came.’
‘Me, too,’ I smiled at him. ‘So, where is everyone, then?’
He looked away for a second. I knew that look – he used to do it when he was trying to keep a secret at school… ‘What aren’t you telling me?’ I asked.
‘I’ve got a confession,’ he said. ‘I didn’t invite anyone else. I just wanted to see you again.’
I stared at him for a second, then laughed. ‘Well, I’m here now, so let’s get a drink!’
We got chatting and Ollie told me how he’d been to college for a year, and had started an apprenticeship as a mechanic.
I was still in the hotel business, and trained staff across the country.
We talked for hours. And by the end of the night, I knew fate had brought us back together.
Ollie was the man for me.
After a year of dating, we bought a house and, aged 19, we got married. Life was perfect. The icing on the cake was when I gave birth to our daughter Lila three years later. Ollie was an amazing dad.
‘I’ll go,’ he’d say whenever she woke up for her feed at midnight.
He doted on Lila, was always around to play with her. It was great considering my job took me away from home so much. I could spend up to six nights on the road.
The years sped by and we were a team, the three of us. Ollie never made me feel guilty for working away, and never seemed to resent the fact I earned almost double his salary. He supported me.
‘I couldn’t ask for a better hubby,’ I said to my sister Stacey, 25, one day.
‘Well you can bring your perfect hubby and daughter along to Carl’s birthday party on Saturday,’ she smiled. Carl was her little boy.
He’d be nine that weekend and she’d hired a hall for his party. ‘Don’t worry, I hadn’t forgotten,’ I said.
That weekend, Lila, seven, was hopping up and down with excitement. The party was buzzing and, while we nattered away, I noticed Ollie’s phone flashing with a text message on the table.
He was busy chatting, so I picked it up. I’d barely read who it was from before he launched himself across the table.
‘No!’ he cried. Too late! I’d already seen the message.
I know we said we wouldn’t text at weekends, but my nephew goes into hospital tomorrow. Want to meet me there? Gill.
‘Who’s Gill?’ I asked. ‘And why does she want you to meet her?’
Ollie glanced away, his blue eyes refusing to meet mine. ‘She’s just a friend…’ he started.
But my stomach lurched. I’d known him for 13 years, knew when he was lying to me. And right now he was lying through his teeth. Well, I wasn’t going to air my dirty laundry in public.
Hard as it was, I waited until we got home before confronting him.
‘So are you seeing this woman?’ I demanded.
There it was again, that quick glance to the side.
‘Tell me,’ I fumed.
‘Okay,’ he sighed. ‘I-I met Gill at the petrol station and we started chatting… we’ve been having an affair for six months. But I promise it’s over. I love you.’
Funny way of showing it!
‘Are you talking about the woman at the petrol station down the road?’ I gasped. ‘She’s in her 50s!’
Ollie nodded sheepishly.
I couldn’t believe it.
Me and Ollie were both 29 – he’d had a fling with a woman nearly twice his age!
‘Get out,’ I snapped.
He went to stay with his mum, but called every day.
‘Please, let’s put this behind us,’ he begged. ‘Think about Lila, she needs us both.’
As much as I hated to admit it, he had a point. He was still a fantastic dad, and I knew Lila missed him a lot. But what kind of example was I setting to her if I took him back so easily?
I needed to know for certain he wouldn’t stray again.
So, I turned detective, looking at his Facebook page to see if he’d had any messages from women I didn’t know.
Then I saw it… he’d listed an email address I’d never known he had.
Picking up the phone, I called him.
‘I want the password,’ I said.
‘Don’t be daft,’ he started, his voice shaking with nerves.
‘If you want me to trust you again, I need to know everything,’ I told him.
There was a pause, then… ‘Okay,’ he said. ‘You might as well know the truth.’
‘And will this be the whole truth? I threatened.
‘Ye… yeah,’ he stuttered. ‘I slept with another woman two years ago.’
This was unbelievable!
Okay, he was probably telling me everything in a hope we could work this out, but he was just making things worse.
How could he be so blatant about these affairs?
He gave me the password and I logged on to his account, my stomach in knots. Was I about to find emails to his lover?
No. Instead, I stared at the computer screen in horror.
The first email was a newsletter from a website he’d joined called Dogging After Dark!
That wasn’t the worst of it, though.
Pages of emails from lots of different websites flashed up on screen.
Blueswingers, adultdirectory, flirtydateuk!
My heart thudded, and my palms were sweating as I scrolled through.
Filthy pictures of older women, couples having sex and even groups of naked people filled Ollie’s inbox.
On his profile for one of the websites he’d listed his interests. Threesomes, voyeurism, adult parties and older women, I read.
What the hell had my husband been doing?
While I’d been working all the hours God sent, he’d been leading a vile double life.
Had he met up with any of these people?
I felt sick as I called him again.
‘It’s not what you think,’ he told me. ‘I never met anyone, I was just curious…’
‘Curious!’ I hissed. ‘About sex with old women and meeting up for orgies in car parks?’
‘I can’t help it,’ he insisted. ‘I like older women. And the older the better.’
Well, that was the final straw.
‘I don’t want to see you again,’ I said, hanging up on him.
When Lila asked where Daddy was, I knew what to say.
‘Daddy’s been naughty and was lying to me,’ I told her. ‘We don’t have liars in our house.’
This all happened two months ago, and I’m still getting over the shock of it.
I can’t get my head around what a dirty dog my perfect fella turned out to be!

Oliver Wale, 29, said: ‘It’s true I had two affairs and joined sex websites.
‘But I didn’t meet anyone. I love Nina and, if I could turn the clock back, I would.
‘I’m going to seek help and I’m hoping we can get back together.’
Nina Lane, 29, Telford, Shropshire