A s-expert Liar

My fella found alternative therapy for his sex addiction...

Published by: Jai Breitnauer and Paul Carter
Published on: 13 October 2011

Feeling fingers dancing lightly up my leg, I groaned and pulled the duvet over my head. My frisky boyfriend Rob Charlton, 23, was already pulling off his boxers, but I was in no mood for sex - we'd already done it twice that night.
When we'd got together eight months earlier, I'd found Rob's high sex drive flattering. But since he'd moved in, his demands had become difficult to deal with. One weekend, we made love 10 times!
‘Rob,' I moaned. ‘It's 2am. I've got work in the morning.'
‘I can't be this close to you and not get turned on,' he sighed.
‘Sleep on the sofa, then,' I snapped. Rob looked like a kicked puppy. ‘I'm sorry, I just think we need to cool things a bit.'
To my relief, Rob agreed. After three full nights sleep, I was ready to give him a treat. We went to a club on Saturday night and, as the clock approached 1am, I decided to take him home.
Trouble was, I couldn't find him.
‘Have you seen Rob?' I asked my mate Kathy. But, before she could answer, I saw him loitering outside the loos.
And he wasn't alone...
Rob was talking to some busty blonde. Suddenly he looked around guiltily, grabbed her hand and they disappeared into the blokes' loos!
Marching into the toilets, I put a finger to my lips to shush the row of shocked blokes at the urinals. Ah, there was a locked cubicle. I crept into the one next-door, stood on the seat and peered over the top.
‘Rob!' I screamed, seeing my fella with his pants down, grinding against the blonde. ‘How could you?' I almost fell off the seat.
‘Kerry! Wait!' he called, pulling up his jeans as he chased me outside.
‘Who is she?' I yelled. ‘How long has it been going on?!'
Rob looked confused. ‘I... I just met her,' he spluttered. ‘Honestly, I'm not having an affair.'
That made it okay?!
‘You disgust me!' I screamed.
Rob sunk to his knees and began sobbing. ‘Kerry... babe... you don't understand,' he cried. ‘I've got a problem. Sex - I've just got to have it. We haven't made love for days. I needed sex.'
I stood there, mouth open. ‘Honestly,' he croaked. ‘I love you. I couldn't help myself.'
Speechless, I walked away. Was there even such a thing as sex addiction? And if there was, surely if he loved me, Rob would get some help rather than sleep with whoever he could find.
But, if I loved him, surely I'd help him deal with this condition?
Dialling Rob's number, I ordered him home. ‘You need help,' I told him. ‘If you get it... I'll give you a second chance.'
He started counselling sessions on Wednesday evenings and, over the next couple of months, things improved. I was no longer being rudely woken in the night!
Then, one Sunday morning as we lay in bed, Rob produced a small box. ‘I can't thank you enough for the support you've given me,' he grinned. ‘Marry me.'
‘Yes!' I screamed, proud of Rob for getting help, for making a commitment to me.
Excited, we set a date for next January. Just before our first anniversary, while I flicked through wedding magazines, Rob asked if he could go for a drink with his mate Danny. ‘I'm driving, so I won't be late,' he grinned.
But by 11pm, he wasn't home. As midnight approached, I tried his mobile. He wasn't answering.
‘Probably ended up having a few beers,' I sighed, climbing into bed. ‘Suppose I'll have to go and get the car in the morning.'
I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. It was 2.30am when my ringing phone woke me.
‘Rob? Where are you?'
‘I'm... er, at the police station,' he said sheepishly. ‘Got done for drink-driving. I'm waiting for a mate to collect me.'
‘You idiot! Look, I'll jump in a cab, come and get the car...'
‘No! I'm in Wilmslow.'
That was miles away. ‘What are you doing there?' I cried, but Rob just said he'd see me later and hung up. I was sound asleep when he came in but, the next morning, I had questions.
‘We were going to Chester,' Rob said. ‘To pick up a friend.'
‘Who?' I asked.
‘A friend,' he shrugged, storming out. But that wasn't good enough for me.
I went to see his mate Danny. ‘Please,' I begged. ‘I'm marrying Rob, I need to know the truth.'
‘You're engaged?! I didn't know,' he gasped. ‘We were going to Chester to meet some girls... girls we'd been chatting to online.'
‘What for?' I asked slowly.
‘For sex.'
My mouth fell open and, before I knew it, I was crying. Rob couldn't even hide behind the excuse that it was an uncontrollable urge this time - no, he'd planned the whole thing.
‘There's something else,' added Danny. ‘He never went for counselling... he was meeting me at the pub.' I didn't wait to hear more, I was out of the door.
Bursting into the flat, I elbowed past Rob and started loading his stuff into black bags.
‘I've been speaking to Danny,' I spat. ‘I know everything. The girls in Chester, the lies about counselling. We're finished! No more second chances,' I screamed, pushing him outside.
I haven't heard from him since.
I've heard he was banned from driving for a year and lost his job - that's karma for you. He deserves a bigger punishment for his crimes against love!

Rob Charlton said: ‘I've got a wandering eye. It was hard being with Kerry and not other girls, but it didn't mean I loved her any less. I pretended to go for treatment because it was the only way to keep her. I hope we can be friends.'

Kerry Thomson, 35, Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester