In the doghouse!

When my fella was up to no good, man's best friend dropped him in it!

Published by: Paul Carter and Laura Hinton
Published on: 12 January 2012

Wherever my boyfriend Andy went, his black Labrador Tyson followed. So when he moved in with me three years ago, I welcomed his dog into my home, too. I just didn't expect him to chew up half my clothes!
‘Tyson!' I grumbled at him one day. ‘What have you got now?!'
Peering inside his basket in our bedroom, I saw he was munching on one of my t-shirts. He had a habit of hoarding things in there! Wagging his tail frantically, he finally gave up the soggy top.
Eurgh! Still, it was a small price to pay for having such a fantastic boyfriend. I'd met Andy, 36, a mechanic, just a couple of months before at Manchester Airport.
Me and my best friend Sharon, 41, had been in the bar when he'd started chatting to us. ‘We're going to Marbella,' I'd told Andy.
‘Well, isn't that funny,' he'd smiled, his blue eyes sparkling. ‘We're on the same flight.'
‘You're on to a winner,' Sharon had winked. She was right. We'd spent every day of the holiday together. And the rest was history!
Me, Andy and Tyson were a little family - and Sharon, too. We'd met through my ex 17 years ago. When we'd split, Sharon was my rock as I'd raised my kids Tom, now 23, and Becky, 20. ‘I'd be lost without you,' I'd tell her.
‘Through thick and thin, that's us,' she'd smile.
She'd even been there when Andy had proposed last November. We'd been at karaoke in our local and he'd been teasing me.
‘You should get up there, show ‘em your X-Factor!' he'd joked - he was always taking the mickey because I sang in the shower.
As I'd chuckled, he'd only leaped up and grabbed the mic! ‘Simone, will you marry me?' he'd asked.
The second I'd said yes, Sharon had hugged me even before my new fiance had! ‘You'll be chief bridesmaid,' I'd laughed.
Looking at Tyson now, I wondered if maybe I could find a role for him in the wedding. I also made a mental note to remember to keep my wedding dress well away from him!
Still, I'd other things to worry about more than what Tyson would nibble next. When I wasn't looking online at wedding venues in the Dominican Republic, I was buying Christmas prezzies.
I found the perfect gift for Sharon in Ann Summers. We always bought each other cheeky things, so when I spotted some black knickers with the words No willies allowed written on them, I smiled. Perfect!
When she popped round on Christmas morning, she laughed opening those naughty undies. ‘I love them! But I've bought you something sensible this year...'
My favourite Chloe perfume. I was speechless. ‘You're my best friend,' she shrugged.
‘You're so sweet,' I grinned, vowing to buy her something even nicer next year.
I was still spritzing myself with the stuff in April. ‘If only I could cover you in this, smelly,' I said to Tyson one night.
As he shifted in his basket, I noticed a flash of pink. ‘You git!' I cried. ‘That's my new bra!'
Grabbing it, I spotted something else. Black knickers... with No willies allowed written on the front.
Oh. My. God. They were the ones I'd bought Sharon. My best friend and my boyfriend having an affair? Really? Kneeling beside Tyson, I balled the knickers up in my fist. ‘They wouldn't,' I said.
Tyson looked up at me with big, sorrowful eyes, sensing he'd done something wrong. But it wasn't him in the doghouse.
The only thing left to do was confront them. The thought of it made me sick. Besides, what if I was over-reacting? I needed time to think, decide what the hell to do.
For two days, I didn't sleep. When Andy touched me, I flinched. And I kept staring at him to see if I could see any guilt. Nothing.
Maybe there was a reasonable explanation. After all, when would they find time to be at it? Then again, while my insurance job was a nine to five, Andy had more flexible hours. There'd be plenty of opportunity for Sharon to sneak over here if she wanted...
By Friday night, I'd come up with a plan. Arranging to meet Sharon for a drink, I put on some slap, then double-checked I'd got everything I needed. Sharon's knickers? Check. Andy's mobile, nicked from his pocket? Check.
At the bar, Sharon spotted that something was wrong. ‘Have you and Andy rowed?' she frowned.
Every part of me wanted to scream at her. But I had to hold it together until I'd got the proof I needed, so I just said: ‘I'm fine.'
I had to put her to the test now, else I'd never know. ‘Just popping to the loo,' I mumbled.
In the cubicle, I sent her a text from Andy's phone. ‘I found your black knickers - the dog had them! Good job Simone didn't find them.'
Hopefully, convinced the message was from Andy, she'd reply with a confused denial or something incriminating. Seconds later, I got a reply. Shaking, I opened it...
‘OMG! I forgot
about them... I've got some sexy new ones to show you soon!'
Hot tears streaked down my cheeks. Here was proof-positive my best friend had been sleeping with my fiancé.
I marched over to Sharon. ‘You can have these back,' I cried, throwing the knickers at her. ‘I know you've been with Andy.'
‘Don't be daft,' she laughed. Then I pulled out Andy's phone. Face draining of colour, she hung her head. ‘You cow!' I spat. ‘I never want to see you again.'
Confronting her had made me feel stronger. At home, it was Andy's turn. I didn't give him a chance to explain, just put his things into bags. ‘You've been sleeping with Sharon!'
‘It was just a fling,' he swore. ‘I love you.' Like that made it better?!
‘I can't believe the two people I love most have done this,' I sobbed. ‘Now get out!' Andy started to speak. ‘Out!' I roared.
As he walked away, I collapsed on to the bed. Suddenly, a cold, wet nose nuzzled into me. ‘Just me and you now Tyson,' I wept.
My one consolation is that Andy left his faithful hound with me - the only faithful thing in my life. Sharon and Andy have tried to contact me, but I'm not interested in what they have to say.
Thanks to Tyson stealing those naughty knickers, those two are permanently in the doghouse!

Andy Duffy said: ‘I had an affair and I was caught. I'm sorry. I'd like Tyson back but, if Simone wants to keep him, so be it.'

Sharon Smith said: ‘I'm not with Andy any more. It didn't work out.'

Simone Hinchley, 39, Moston, Gt Manchester