Going cold Turkey

I'd been warned about holiday love rats, but my man was different... wasn't he?

Published by: Isabelle Loynes and Jai Breitnauer
Published on: 18 October 2012

Sun, sea, sand and...seriously sexy guys! This trip to Turkey had been just what I needed - a break from my nannying job and a chance to top up my tan. Not to mention all that flirting at the hotel bar!
That's where I'd met Karla, 18. She was a right laugh, and we'd enjoyed teasing some lads who thought their luck was in.
‘I'm not interested in boys,' Karla had grinned. ‘Shall we go and find some real men?'
‘Good idea!' I'd giggled as we headed to a local restaurant.
‘All the waiters are hot,' Karla whispered. ‘Mmm,' I'd smiled. ‘Especially that one over there...'
A tall, tanned bloke in his early 20s with jet-black hair looked over. ‘He's smiling at you!' Karla grinned, and before I knew it, he was by my side, white shirt pulled tight over his six-pack.
‘Hello beautiful,' he winked. ‘I'm JJ... I finish work soon - fancy a drink?'
Half an hour later, me and JJ were sitting in a local bar, talking and kissing. For the rest of the week, we were inseparable.
When the time came for me to leave, I was heartbroken.
‘I'll miss you so much Jade,' JJ sighed before we left. ‘I want to be with you forever. I'll save up, move to England...'
I knew I wanted the same.
Back in Lincolnshire, I moped around, waiting on JJ's next phone call. Eventually, my best friend Anna persuaded me to go out. ‘So, come on then, spill the beans,' she grinned.
‘His name is JJ, I met him on holiday,' I sighed.
‘Ooh, exciting! Where does he live?'
‘Er... Turkey,' I said, confused.
Anna's face darkened.
‘You've got to be kidding me?' she snorted. ‘You know what those blokes are like. He's probably already found someone else.'
‘JJ's not like that,' I snapped. ‘He told me he loves me and he wants to come and live in England.'
‘Of course he wants to come to England!' Anna cried. ‘And you're his passport! Honestly Jade, I can't believe you're being so stupid.'
Grabbing my handbag,
I stormed out of the bar. But a few days later, I got a message on Facebook from another mate that said Anna told me about JJ, don't be sucked in. Then a mate of my cousin told me all about a Turkish guy she'd met on holiday who'd cheated on her the minute she left.
‘Everybody feels the same, Mum!' I cried. ‘I can't believe it.'
‘Look, I've booked a break to Turkey next month,' Mum said. ‘I'll go and meet JJ myself, see if I can suss him out.'
I nodded, sure that she would love him as much as I did. In the meantime, I ditched all my friends and spent every evening on the phone to JJ.
When Mum flew to Turkey a few weeks later, she phoned me the first night she was there.
‘I met up with JJ,' she said. ‘He's gorgeous, love, and I think he's serious about you.'
I knew it! So the first thing we did when Mum came home was book another holiday for my birthday. As soon as we landed, we went to the restaurant.
‘You're here!' JJ cried, hugging me. We spent the rest of the night at the restaurant with all his friends. He'd organised a party for me. If only my so-called friends could see this!
Later, as we walked home, Mum put her arm around me.
‘I can see how in love you two are,' she grinned. ‘So I'm going to lend JJ the money for a visa.'
‘Wow, thanks Mum!' I cried.
The next day, JJ was busy so I didn't see him, but as soon as his shift started at the restaurant, I went to tell him the good news.
Instead of greeting me with hugs though, he hustled us to the back of the restaurant.
‘My boss is angry about the party last night,' he hissed. ‘He doesn't want you here.'
Oops, I thought. I didn't want to make trouble but the next night, JJ sat me and Mum at the same isolated table.
‘At least sit us somewhere I can see you,' I moaned.
‘I'm sorry,' JJ said, hurrying away. He seemed really cold. Later, I asked him if we could go to the local bar. ‘There's been a death in my family, I have to go home,' he said, matter-of-factly.
‘Come on,' Mum said, seeing how disappointed I was. ‘Why don't you show me this bar?'
When we arrived, JJ's best mate was out the front with a load of girls. His mouth dropped as I walked over.
‘What are you doing here?' he gasped. ‘Having a drink, of course,' I said, confused.
Hurriedly, he sent a text, whispered something to the girls and they all disappeared.
‘Strange, he's normally so friendly,' I said to Mum.
The next day, I didn't see JJ at all - or the day after. I'd spent a fortune on this holiday and it was nearly over. So I headed to the restaurant for the last night. Inside, I smiled at a girl I vaguely recognised.
‘Hey, you were outside the bar the other night weren't you?' I said. ‘Yeah, I'm Scarlett,' she smiled. ‘I was there with my boyfriend. He works there.'
‘Really?' I laughed. ‘My boyfriend works here too.'
Just then, JJ came round the corner. He stared at us both in horror and suddenly, I realised what was going on.
‘Is... that your boyfriend?'
I asked. ‘Yeah!' she flushed, completely oblivious.
‘I hate to tell you this,'I seethed, getting off my barstool. ‘But that's my boyfriend too.'
Storming up to JJ, I grabbed his shirt by the collar. ‘How could you?' I screamed.
‘She's lying,' he said to Scarlett, shrugging and pretending that he didn't even know who I was.
Paralysed with shock and anger, I didn't know what to do next. Then I spotted the restaurant owner looking at me sadly.
‘Tell her I'm not lying!'I begged. ‘Go on, tell her!'
‘It's all true,' he said, shaking his head. Grabbing my arm, JJ dragged me outside.
‘You've ruined everything!' he yelled. Tears streaming, I said nothing, just made my way back to the hotel.
‘My friends were right all along,' I sobbed to Mum.
‘At least you know the truth now,' she soothed.
Back home, I phoned Anna. ‘Say it then,' I sniffed. ‘I told you so.'
‘No babe, I'm not going to say that,' she smiled. ‘I'm just glad you found out about him before it got serious.'
Me too... thank god I realised my Turkish delight was anything but sweet before it was too late!
Jade Steel, 19, Lincolnshire