Thanks Sis!

Little Rachel was set on saving the day...

Published by: Laura Hinton and Emma Shephard
Published on: 24th August 2010

How was I going to explain how cruel people could be? Ben, four, had rushed out to the garden to show his cousins his new toy tractor – only to find it had disappeared.
Now he was sobbing, and there was nothing I could do. ‘I’m sorry, it must have been stolen.’
Ben’s sister Rachel, 11, was upset, too. ‘How can we get it back?’
‘We can’t. These things just happen,’ I replied.
But Rachel shook her head. ‘I’ll get it back,’ she said, putting her arm around Ben. ‘Promise’.
I turned back to the fences with my husband Jon to try to work out how the thief had got in.
Later, Rachel bounded out carrying posters with a photo of Ben’s tractor on. ‘Stolen from our garden,’ I read. ‘Little boy’s favourite toy, please call with information.’
‘Emily,’ she called to her twin sister. ‘Let’s go!’
They marched down the road and put posters on bus stops. They even roped in the doctor’s surgery, post office and local pub to put up signs.
A few hours later, the phone rang. Someone thought Ben’s tractor was in their neighbour’s garden. Another caller had seen it in there, too.
I called the police. And when officers brought it around, Ben was over the moon. ‘Rachel said she’d get it back,’ he said.
We couldn’t be prouder of Rachel – and Ben couldn’t be any more grateful.
Lisa Ward, 43, Ashley, Staffordshire