Loser in love!

I lost everything- and won!

Published by: Georgina Horton and Amy Thompson
Published on: 11th May 2010

Reaching for another biccie, I smiled. I knew my boyfriend Ryan wouldn’t judge, he loved me for who I was, not what I looked like.
Which was great as I’d filled out a bit since moving in with him and his parents. Bound to happen after seven years together, though.
No matter, as soon as I’d finished my animal science course, I could concentrate on getting fit again.
‘I can’t wait until we’ve got our own place,’ Ryan smiled.
We’d planned to start looking for a house once I got work. ‘We’ll have to stay local,’ I told him. ‘Kali’s settled at her stables now. I wouldn’t want to uproot her.’
Kali was my horse. I’d always loved animals and had made great friends through riding. Like my best mate Sian, 23. Mucking out stables didn’t seem so bad when we got chatting.
‘Speaking of which,’ I said. ‘Fancy giving me a hand at the yard tomorrow?’
‘Can’t Sian help?’ he groaned.
‘I need a strong man,’ I pouted.
‘Well, when you put it like that…’ He puffed out his chest. ‘I’m in.’
‘Thanks,’ I said.
I knew Ryan secretly enjoyed coming to the stables – because we usually went to the pub afterwards.
As we sat having a drink with Sian the next evening, my eyelids drooped. ‘It’s only 9pm and you’re dead on your feet,’ she giggled.
‘I’ve got an exam Monday,’ I sighed. ‘I need my rest.’
‘Lightweight,’ she teased.
‘Maybe we should go home,’ Ryan suggested.
I felt awful. He’d been working all week and here I was ruining his night out. ‘No,’ I replied. ‘You stay, finish your drink.’
‘You sure?’ he frowned.
‘Absolutely,’ I smiled, kissing him. ‘See you later.’
I left them chatting about some summer camp in America. They always talked about travelling.
Ryan had been everywhere and Sian was hoping to work with horses abroad.
Tucked up in bed, I remembered when I’d had to force my fella and best mate to talk.
Ryan had thought Sian was bossy, and she’d thought he was too quiet. However, after two years of me forging a friendship between them, they finally got along like a house on fire.
But a few weeks after our night in the pub, some of our friends were beginning to think Sian and Ryan were getting on too well. ‘They’re always play-fighting,’ my mate Vicky said. ‘Don’t you think it’s a bit flirty?’
‘Don’t be daft,’ I chuckled. But her words played on my mind. Ryan snapped at me over little things. He only smiled when we were with Sian.
Jealousy bubbled inside me. Back home, my emotions took over. ‘Is there something going on between you and Sian?’ I confronted him.
Ryan stared at me, ‘Are you accusing me of cheating with your best mate?’
He glared at me. ‘I think we need a break,’ he said. ‘You clearly don’t trust me. Maybe you should move back home.’
‘No,’ I begged. ‘I didn’t really think that, it’s just Vicky…’
He shook his head firmly. ‘I don’t want to hear it,’ he said. ‘Truth is, I don’t love you any more. We’ve grown apart.’
I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach. How could I win him back?
Tearfully, I packed my stuff and left. I told Sian everything that night. ‘Me and Ryan are just mates!’ she reassured me. 
‘I know,’ I apologised. ‘Maybe he’ll forgive me, maybe he just needs space?’
Sian looked doubtful. ‘Sometimes break-ups are a good thing,’ she said. ‘Start over, you don’t need him.’
She was trying to make me feel better, but it wasn’t working. I had to think of something to get Ryan back. He was my soulmate.
Then, looking in the mirror, it hit me. No wonder Ryan didn’t fancy me any more!
I’d noticed the weight creep on – but, suddenly, it was as if I was looking at myself with new eyes.
My once-toned tum was hanging over my jeans, and my face had grown another chin.
Stepping on the scales, I stared in horror – 16st 3lb! I’d put on a whopping 7st since I’d met Ryan.
That was it. To win Ryan back, I’d have to lose the flab.
I joined a local fitness centre called Curves that  I’d read about online.
Eating sensibly and working out every week, the pounds started dropping off.  In the first month,
I lost 1st.
Wait until Ryan saw me again…
Only problem was, when I did hear from him, it wasn’t because he’d had second thoughts.
‘I’m sorry,’ he told me over the phone. ‘I never wanted to hurt you but, well, me and Sian are dating. I swear nothing happened before you and me broke up.’
My heart broke. ‘So that makes it okay?!’ I fumed. Slamming the phone down, I burst into tears. How could they do this to me?
Crying, I reached for the biscuit tin – and froze. I’d worked so hard to get in shape. Was I really going to let them take away everything I’d achieved? No way!
I threw myself into exercising. In a year, I lost almost 6st!
What’s more, I didn’t miss Ryan once. I’d made loads of new mates at the gym, and was having a good time. In a funny way, Sian had been right – my break-up had been the best thing.
Then, in town one morning, a familiar couple caught my eye – Ryan and Sian. I hadn’t seen them for more than a year. Holding my head high, I strutted past.
Ryan did a double take. ‘A-Amie?’ he stammered, looking me up and down.
‘Hi,’ I beamed back.
Sian gawped, she hadn’t recognised me.
‘Wow!’ he breathed. ‘You look great.’
‘Thanks,’ I smiled. ‘I can’t stop, in a bit of a rush. See you around.’
Walking away, I couldn’t stop smiling. Suddenly, I wasn’t so heartbroken. I’d shifted all my excess baggage – emotional and physical and was having the time of my life!
•Ryan Bradley said: ‘I’m not prepared to comment at all.’
Amie Dyer, 24, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire