To catch a cheat

To get the truth about my man, I had to tell some lies...

Published by: Amy Thompson, Jean Jollands and Claire Walker
Published on: 10th June 2010

You never know when or where you’re going to meet the perfect guy. You could bump into him at work or in the supermarket.
I never expected to meet mine on the website Facebook, though.
When Billy Kimber, 22, added me as a friend, I fancied him straight away. His mop of dark hair and green eyes had me hooked.
And that smile!
We also had loads in common like rock music, tattoos and cheesy vampire movies.
Fancy going for a drink sometime? he typed after a few days of getting to know each other.
Sure, I replied.
Billy only lived a 20-minute drive from where I lived with Mum, so we met at a restaurant half way.
‘You’re even more gorgeous in the flesh,’ he winked.
‘Not so bad yourself,’ I grinned.
As we got talking, it felt like we’d known each other for years.
‘I’d love to get a motorbike one day,’ Billy told me, flashing me another gorgeous smile.
‘That’d be cool,’ I nodded. ‘Nothing sexier than a bloke in biker leathers.’ I could already picture him, roaring up on a shiny motorbike to whisk me away.
It was hard to believe he worked as a window fitter and wasn’t a hunky film star!
Mind you, I doubt anyone would think I was an admin assistant either, with my dyed red hair and pierced lip.
Appearances can certainly be deceiving.
Like when me and Billy started dating and he left dozens of soppy messages covered in cute little teddy bears and, I love you, Boo, on Facebook for me.
Who’d have thought he’d be such a romantic? Mum liked him, too. ‘I wish someone would bring me flowers,’ she sighed, seeing Billy turn up with a bunch of roses.
To my sexy bum, read his card.
After three months, we were closer than ever. ‘I’m thinking of moving out,’ I told him one night. ‘My friend’s got a flat she wants to rent.’
‘Why don’t we move in together?’ he suggested.
Ooh, I hadn’t thought of that! ‘I’d love to,’ I beamed, and we even spent the weekend checking out stuff for our new flat.
But a few weeks later, Billy was suddenly working all hours.
‘How sweet, he’s trying to save for when you move,’ said my friend Laura.
‘You’re probably right,’ I sighed.
But an odd feeling kept niggling at me. He’d always been so loving, now I barely heard from him.
When he finally had a night free, I went around his to watch a film.
Instead of a romantic evening in, though, chatting about the flat, he nodded off within half an hour.
Leaning over to switch off the light, I almost knocked his mobile phone on to the floor.
‘Oops,’ I murmured, grabbing it.
As my hand curled around it, I had an urge to hang on to it.
He’d been so distant lately, maybe there was a reason?
Unable to resist, I sneaked out, and flicked through his text messages. Hang on, there was a message from him to a number I didn’t recognise. Hey sexy bum, I’ll come see you next week, I read.
Sexy bum? But that was his pet name for me!
Tears gathered – then anger.
Storming back into his room, I chucked his phone at him.
‘W-what you doing?’ he rubbed his eyes groggily.
‘Who’s that message to?’ I demanded, pointing at his mobile.
His eyes widened as he picked it up. ‘She’s a mate,’ he protested. ‘I swear!’
Did he think I was stupid?!
I grabbed my bag and left.
Next day at work, I was still reeling. But now doubts had started to creep in. Had I jumped the gun?
‘I really need to know the truth,’ I told Laura.
‘He’s not likely to tell me, though,’ she sighed.
Then it hit me. ‘We met on Facebook,’ I said. ‘What if his perfect woman happened to add him as a friend? Reckon he’d turn her down?’
Laura stared at me, confused.
‘I could make up a fake profile and flirt with him,’ I explained.
‘Like a honeytrap?’ she smiled.
That evening, I found a photo of a mate Billy had never met. With her long, dark hair, and nose-piercing, she was just his type.
Then I set up a new Facebook profile for ‘Katie Wilson’.
Love driving my motorbike, getting tattoos and watching vampire films, I typed in the interests section, adding photos.
He accepted Katie’s friend request straight away. Hi, he wrote. I like your motorbike!
‘Thought you would,’ I muttered, as I asked him if he was single.
The reply shot back instantly. The little rat said he was.
Staying calm, I fired off a text to see how he’d react to getting a message from the girlfriend he seemed to have forgotten about.
I asked how he was – but he didn’t bother replying! Too busy chatting up Katie.
Fancy meeting for a drink? he asked Katie.
The nerve! But I had a plan.
You can come to mine if you like, I typed.
What’s your address, gorgeous? he asked.
Punching in some random address in Sheffield, I told him to message me when he got there.
Within 10 minutes, there was another message from him…
I’m in your street, which house is yours?
I didn’t answer.
I’ve got my hazard lights on, can you see me? he tried again.
I couldn’t help laughing. ‘He must look like a right idiot,’ I chuckled to Mum, who was now looking over my shoulder.
‘Serves him right,’ she nodded.
An hour ticked by before he gave up. Then a text flashed up on my phone.
It was from him.
Want to go for a drink?
Cheeky beggar!
No thanks, I shot back. And if you ever meet Katie, shake her hand for me.
I wish I could have seen the look on his face when he realised I knew all about his flirting. But it was a hollow victory. I fought back tears – he’d hurt me so much.
You never know when, or where, you’ll meet Mr Right. It’s just a matter of waiting, and being able to catch out the wrong ’uns…

Billy Kimber, 22, says: ‘I had no idea Katie was actually Beki. When I found out, I was gutted and embarrassed. She got me good and proper. I wasn’t messaging other girls apart from Katie, and I never cheated on Beki.’
Beki Newrick, 20, Mexborough, South Yorkshire