Snap decision!

When Vicki Lowing was given an odd ultimatum, she knew exactly what to choose.

Published by: Isabelle Loynes
Published on: 21st January 2010

'It's me or the crocodile,' her hubby Greg, 52, said.
This wasn't some jealous row about a love rival, but the final stages of a simmering dispute over the scaly snapper Vicki, 52, had hand-reared for 13 years.
Things, though, had got too much for her neglected hubby, he was fed up with Johnie the croc.
Johnie had the run of the house and even had his own heated pool in a specially-made bungalow in the garden!
The reptile had been left at Vicki's doorstep in Victoria, Australia, and she'd taken him in. Her son Andrew had only been 18 months old at the time, but that didn't stop her. Soon, he and Johnie were best buddies.
'They were like siblings,' remembered Vicki. 'Following each other around. And as Andrew developed his curious side, so did Johnie.
'I would find Johnie emptying the cupboards, just as Andrew had done a few weeks before.
'Johnie was no different to any toddler.'
Andrew got used to sharing his mum's attention, but Greg wasn't so happy.
'He said I devoted all of my time to the crocodile instead of him,' explained Vicki. 'I felt like he was asking me to put himself ahead of one of my children.'
So Vicki decided it was time to choose...
'Husbands can look after themselves, but my crocodile can't make his meals,' she added. So her man was shown the door!
But Greg wasn't the only one to get a surprise. After throwing him out, Vicki was told that Johnie was a girl croc!
She refused to change the name and said she was over the moon - she'd always wanted a daughter!
Now she and Greg have divorced, Johnie has the run of the house... while Vicki's ex has to look for a new place to live!