You're fat!!!

Kids, they tell it as it is...

Published by: Laura Hinton
Published on: 18th October 2010

How had I bagged myself such a lovely man? It’s all I could think as I looked at my boyfriend Jack, 30, laying on the bed.
‘You look a million dollars, babe,’ he winked, as I chucked my lippy in my handbag.
‘Fancy staying home after all?’ he added, winking.
‘Cheeky,’ I chuckled. ‘But I’m out with Sacha tonight!’
He made a silly, sad face.
‘Now, you sure this outfit looks all right?’ I asked, pulling at my skin-tight blue top. Odd, must have shrunk it in the wash…
‘You look gorgeous!’ he said.
But hoisting on my size 22 black trousers, I struggled with the zip. My flesh strained against it as I jiggled it around, yanking at it.
‘I can’t believe it,’ I giggled. ‘It’s jammed!’ So I fixed it with a pin.
Okay, I’d gained a few pounds. But it was just after Christmas…and anyway, Jack couldn’t get enough of my womanly bits. Even if I was nearly 23st these days!
Seeing him checking me out, I felt so lucky. And he was right…
I did look good!
My 44G boobs spilled out of my top, and my trousers showed off
my shapely rear.
Besides, my curves had never bothered me – and all my previous boyfriends had loved having something to grab hold of.
Adam, who I’d met when I was 18, had said I was perfect the way I was. But it had felt odd not having him feeding me compliments – and cakes – when we broke up. That’s when I’d gone on the Lighter Life diet, dropping from 18st to 17st. But I soon slipped up.
The way I saw it, I was flying the flag for girls with a little bit of junk in the trunk – like Jennifer Lopez!
‘See you later,’ I kissed Jack, before sauntering out.
‘Bye, gorgeous,’ he called after me. ‘Hey, bring back a takeaway for us!’
Great idea – partying with my best mate Sacha, 28, would work up an appetite!
As the two of us strolled past the bouncers into a club, I fidgeted, pulling my top down – it kept riding up. ‘Does this top look small?’ I asked.
Sasha was a size 12, probably from chasing after her daughter Ella, four. ‘You always look gorgeous,’ she smiled.
Bless her! And as we danced, I noticed a couple of blokes staring at us.
Ha! They couldn’t keep their eyes off me!
By the end of the night, my feet ached and I was hungry. Time for takeaway!
Back home, though, Jack was fast asleep. So I polished off the chicken kormas, rice and naan bread by myself. Delicious!
Next day, Jack treated us to a slap-up lunch. My hung-over belly lapped up TGI Fridays sticky buffalo wings and greasy burger and chips. ‘Fancy a chocolate brownie?’ he asked me.
So I polished one off.
The following day, I popped to Sacha’s. ‘Have you recovered yet?’ I asked.
‘I wasn’t feeling my best yesterday,’ she giggled. ‘Anyway, I need to pop to Tesco…could you watch Ella in the car?’
‘Of course, I love spending time with my goddaughter,’ I said, smiling.
Sat in the car minutes later, I turned and tickled Ella’s tiny feet. ‘Mummy won’t be long,’ I said, gazing at her beautiful blue eyes. I felt all gooey inside. She was a picture of innocence…
Yanking at my fingers, she stared straight into my eyes. ‘Charlotte, you’re so fat!’ she blurted.
I took a sharp breath.What?! My heart pounded wildly as her painful words whirled around in my head. Her honesty hit me like a brick – you’re so fat!
Suddenly, I saw it all as it really was. The struggles with the zips, the shrinking clothes, those blokes staring at me on the dancefloor...
What had I turned into?
‘Ella called me fat,’ I confessed to Sacha, as she got back in the car.
‘I’m so sorry,’ she said, blushing. ‘Ella, that’s very rude.’
‘It’s not her fault,’ I said, faking a smile. ‘She’s only little.’
But I was mortified. When Jack greeted me at home with his usual ‘hello sexy’, my stomach flipped.
Too embarrassed to tell him what had happened, I rushed to the bathroom and jumped on the scales. The dial turned… and turned… then hit 24st!
Sobbing, I tried to work out how I’d let myself go. Finally, it clicked. I’d always gone out with men who’d loved me as I was – thunder thighs and all – so I’d never seen just how fat I was.
What’s more, they’d loved my curves so much they’d encouraged me to eat. It was time to face facts. I was overweight, unhealthy and putting my life at risk.
My heart wrenched as I slowly realised I couldn’t be with Jack, not if he was happy for me to go on this way. Spurred on by Ella’s innocent comment, I knew just what I had to do.
‘I’m so sorry,’ I said, watching his face fall. ‘Losing weight is something I can only do alone.’
I’d slip back into cosy nights in, ready meals, takeaways…
As he agreed, my heart broke.
He loved me enough to accept why we had to break up.
Heartbroken, I started on the Cambridge Diet a couple of months later.
By swapping meals for special shakes, and eating proteins like chicken, the pounds dropped off.
After a year, I’d shrunk to a size 14! Now I’m a happy and healthy 11st and, although I’m still single, I am dating.
I’ll never forget my boyfriends for loving me how I was, but I’ve learned a very important lesson – sometimes love is blind.
I really owe my happiness to a child’s innocent words.
Charlotte Stamper, 27, Harrow, West London