Rude awakening

Published by: Isabelle Loynes
Published on: 7th January 2010

While fast asleep in their home, Kristin Palmer and her boyfriend Trent Wood must have reckoned the most exciting thing that would happen was in their dreams.
They were wrong.
A sudden crash at 4am and the young couple were wide awake ? but just as if they were trapped in a dream, they found they couldn't move from their bed.
Something heavy pinned them to their pillows, liquid poured into their faces, and the smell of petrol burned their noses.
What ever had happened?
The couple had somehow become involved in the desperate love life of Eric Cross.
After discovering his
ex-girlfriend had shacked up with another man, Eric had decided to sink more than a few pints down at the pub.
As the beer flowed, his mind worked overtime, formulating
his revenge.
It was the middle of the night, she'd be in bed? with her new fella, he must have thought.
What better way to get his own back than to drive his car straight through her bedroom wall!
Unfortunately for Kristen and Trent, from Nevada, USA, Eric got confused and smashed into their house by mistake!
'I thought the roof had caved in because of an earthquake,' Trent said afterwards.
Brake fluid poured from the car, burning Kristen's face as she and Trent were pinned to their bed.
'I could see the tyre to the side of my face, and I was like "there's a car on top me right now!" That was really hard to take in.'
The car pinned down all of Kristin's body and half of Trent's, and it took firemen an hour to free them, virtually unharmed.
In the meantime, Eric was arrested and charged with drink driving, battery with a deadly weapon, possession of a stolen vehicle, driving without a
licence and careless driving.
Maybe next time he should stick to weeping into a tub of ice cream and watching Bridget Jones!