Who's kissing my man?

Sharing everything with my sis caused a family rift. Could we fix it?

Published by: Jai Breitnauer & Paul Carter
Published on: 30th June 2011

A night out with my sister Danni was guaranteed to be good. As the eldest of four, we’d
always been best friends.
She was only a year younger than me so as kids we’d shared Barbie dolls, and as teenagers it was clothes and make-up.
Tonight we’d hit the town, and were dancing to the nightclub music.
Danni had to lean right to my ear and shout to be heard.
‘Check him out,’ she yelled. Oooh yeah! There was a gorgeous guy dancing next to us.
‘He’s hot. I’m making my move,’ she winked, flashing her sexiest smile.
But he carried on dancing, ignoring her. Eventually she got bored. ‘I’m going to the loo, get some drinks in?’ she called, shimmying off.
So off I tottered. To be honest I’d already had a good few drinks, but one more wouldn’t harm, eh?
And who was at the bar too? That bloke who’d ignored Danni.
‘Hey, I’m Jimmy,’ he smiled. ‘That your friend?’
‘My sister,’ I grinned.
He must be shy, and about to ask me for her number.
‘Oh,’ he shrugged. ‘Anyway, it’s you I wanted to speak to…’
Well, you know what it’s like. I’d had a few drinks, and Jimmy was a smooth talker. By the time Danni came out of the loo, we were snogging! But it didn’t go down well with my sis.
Next morning having breakfast around hers, she wouldn’t talk to me, look me in the eye, or even pass the milk. ‘What’s wrong?’
‘The bloke last night was mine – you stole him!’ she snapped.
‘What?’ I snorted. ‘He was just some guy.’
She was overreacting, they weren’t dating! But it seemed to have really got to her. ‘I’m never speaking to you again,’ she snapped.
True to her word, for the next few weeks she cut me dead.
When I tried talking to her, she just walked away. I tried calling, texting, but she ignored me – even started going to different pubs to avoid me.
Weeks rolled into months.
Was all this really over a quick snog with a random bloke she’d never even said hello to?!
Unbelievably a year passed,
then two. It broke my heart.
We’d always told each other everything, and right now I had something really special to share with her – I was in love.
On a night out, I’d discovered a scrap of paper in my pocket with a mobile number scribbled on it. I’d sent a text to it. Who are you?
James, and I think you’re beautiful, came the reply.
I hadn’t
text back, convinced it was a prank, but the next day I’d got another message. I’m serious, I’d love to get to know you, it had read.
Curious, I’d arranged to see him that weekend. He’d picked me up, taken me to a pub on the outskirts of Blackburn, Lancashire.
‘I hardly ever go out in town,’ he’d said. ‘The other night in that club was the first time in ages, and you just took my breath away.’
‘But I didn’t even see you,’ I’d replied, confused.
‘I was too embarrassed to speak to you,’ he’d blushed.
James, 32, was really sweet and we’d soon started dating. I felt so comfortable around him, and even told him about Danni. If only I could tell Danni about him.
Apart from anything else, I’d have loved to vent about James’ job. As a landscape gardener he was always working late and at weekends, when we should be together. I dreaded his last-minute calls to cancel. ‘Sorry babe,’ he said, phoning me three months after we’d started dating. ‘This job’s taking forever, and the client wants it finished today.’
‘But I was looking forward to dinner!’ I whined.
‘Come on, love. I’ll make it up to you tomorrow.’
‘Okay,’ I sighed.
Reluctant to sit home alone, I called my mate Kelly, 22. ‘Me and James had a table booked, fancy dinner?’ I offered.
‘Okay. We can have a gossip,’ she said. Jumping in the car, I picked her up.
‘I’ve got a table booked under the name of James Whatson,’ I told the barman when we arrived.
He checked his book, and frowned.
‘Mr Whatson’s already taken the table,’ he said.
‘There must be some…’ I started.
Then I heard James’s laugh. What the hell?
Storming through the restaurant, I spotted him in a corner booth. He was with another woman! ‘James!’ I gasped. The girl turned round…
‘Danni?!’ I cried. ‘What are you doing with my boyfriend?’
‘Your boyfriend? Me and James have been together for a year.’
We turned to look at him. ‘I-I can explain,’ he stuttered. But his mouth just flapped in the breeze.
Tears brimming, I turned on my heels and stormed out. My head was reeling. Not only had I discovered my fella was cheating on me, but it was with my sister. To think she’d had a go at me for snogging a bloke she’d never even met before!
Well, at least it explained why James was always cancelling our dates. He was seeing Danni instead. As I sobbed outside, I heard footsteps behind me.
‘Sam?’ came Danni’s voice.
‘D-did you know?’ I whispered.
‘No,’ she said. ‘I’d never knowingly do this to you.’
‘Me neither,’ I sniffed.
Before I knew it, we were hugging. ‘I’m sorry,’ Danni croaked. ‘I’ve missed you.’
‘Me too. Let’s never let a man come between us again.’
Over the next few days, we spent loads of time together, catching up. It felt great to be talking to my sister again, consoling each other over the fact James had broken both our hearts.
But it was impossible to get over him, because he kept texting us both. Then he called. ‘Can we meet, the three of us?’ he asked.
Me and Danni thought about it, then agreed to meet him at a cafe in town. ‘Listen,’ he said. ‘I love you both. Don’t make me choose – we can work something out.’
‘Oh yeah, like you share us,’ I laughed. ‘Like me and Danni used to share Barbies?’
‘It-it makes sense,’ he said slowly.
‘What?’ I gasped.
But Danni nodded!
‘It could work,’ she shrugged. ‘We love James, he loves us. This way everyone’s happy.’
‘I need to think this through,’ I said. Leaving them in the cafe, I wandered round town, trying to think straight. James would be like a time-share boyfriend. Could I cope with seeing him with another woman?
But it would be my sister – who I could trust. At least this way a bloke would never cause us trouble again. It was weird, but worth a try.
It’s been a couple of months now, and sharing James on a rota basis is going well. I realise it’s strange but at last me and Danni are reunited and sharing more than just our Barbies!
Sam Woodward, 22, Blackburn, Lancashire
Danielle Woodward, 21, a student, said: ‘Most girls would split up with their partner if they discovered he was cheating, but James genuinely loves us. I missed Sam when we weren’t talking, I’m not letting a man
come between us again.’

James Whatson, 32, said: ‘I’m glad we’ve worked things out, and feel I have a future with both of them like this. Most importantly, they’ve been brought back together.’
Sam Woodward, 22, Blackburn, Lancashire