Perfect sranger

My new fella seemed too good to be true - I was right...

Published by: Dany Levi & Claire Swatman
Published on: 7th July 2011

Slinky high heels, check… little black dress, check… clutch bag, check. From outside came a beep – my mate Dana had just arrived.
‘Ready for a night to remember?’ I called, running out and jumping in beside her.
‘Ready to meet some men?’
she chuckled back.
‘If only,’ I sighed.
Even though I always made the effort when we went out, treating myself to a new dress and shoes, there was one thing money couldn’t buy – love.
‘All I want is Prince Charming,’ I was forever telling Dana. ‘What I mean is, someone caring, affectionate and fun. I’ll know him when I see him.’
I was sure the perfect man was out there for me somewhere. I just didn’t realise that somewhere would be the Mahiki nightclub in Mayfair. Yet, as me and Dana walked in that night, there he was! Standing at the bar was the most gorgeous guy I’d ever seen – muscular, with dark, cropped hair and sexy, full lips. Wow!
‘He’s my man,’ I muttered. ‘I’m going to the bar.’
How was I going to grab the attention of such a hot bloke? Maybe I was living in a fairytale, thinking someone like him would be interested in me…
‘Can I buy you a drink?’ a silky smooth voice interrupted my thoughts – it belonged to the hunk!
‘I’m Jerome,’ he said, flashing me a cheeky grin.
We got chatting, him telling me how he loved going to the gym, while I explained I worked as a part-time model. Before I knew it, we’d been talking for an hour. Dana was going to be gasping for that drink! I looked anxiously over his shoulder for her, and he chuckled.
‘Am I boring you?’
‘No!’ I blurted. ‘No. It’s just, I’m here with my friend.’
‘Well, I wouldn’t want to spoil your evening,’ he said softly. ‘But I’d love to continue this conversation, why don’t you give me your number?’
What a sweet guy.
Well, I couldn’t believe it when my phone bleeped with a text message the following day.
Hey gorgeous, great meeting you last night. I’d love to take you out some time – just you and me. J xx
My hands shook as I replied.
Nice to meet you, too… and I’d love to!
We arranged to go for dinner at my favourite Italian restaurant. A week later, there was a knock at the door. When I answered it, all I could see was flowers.
‘For you,’ came Jerome’s voice from behind the petals.
Taking my hand, he led me to his white Range Rover.
‘How did you… I mean, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you afford this?’ I gasped.
‘I own a sports supplements company,’ he said modestly. ‘We supply to Europe and America, but it means I travel a bit.
‘I’m just saying because my ex girlfriend didn’t like it, that’s why we split,’ he sighed.
Good-looking, hard-working and honest, how could any woman walk away from Jerome?
After that first date, our relationship went from strength to strength. We practically moved into each other’s flats and, although Jerome took the odd business trip, it was only ever for a few days at a time.
It wasn’t an issue. Besides, we’d need to save all we could if we were going to get married… Yes, we’d only been together three months and had already discussed it!
Still, before planning a wedding, there was my mate Mikey who’d called me to ask if I’d help him chose a present for his sister’s birthday.
Arriving at his flat, he handed me a glass of wine.
‘You’ll need this,’ he said.
I plonked myself down in front of his computer. But as he wiggled the mouse, and the screen came to life, I almost jumped straight back up again.
‘Mikey! What are you doing?’ I cried.
It was a porn site.
‘There’s something you need to see.’ Peering through my fingers, my stomach lurched. There, in front of me, was Jerome naked on a bed with two petite, blonde girls.
With a second click, another picture appeared – Jerome’s naked body tangled up with a different girl’s, kissing and… My fella was a porn star.
I felt sick, stupid, deceived. His business trips were all lies – instead, he’d been filming dirty sex scenes. How many women had he slept with? Did any of them have sexually- transmitted diseases?
But before I could get to a clinic, I had to confront Jerome. I marched inside the flat…and straight past him into his bedroom. Grabbing a suitcase, I started packing.
‘What are you doing?’ he frowned, appearing in the doorway.
‘Leaving you,’ I spat. ‘Like your ex did when she discovered you were a porn star.’
His face slid from puzzled to suddenly shocked. ‘I was going to tell you,’ he said. ‘It was just a way of making money so I could start my own business.’
‘You lied to me. And to think I thought you were my Prince Charming,’ I snapped.
That was six months ago. I’ve been checked out and, luckily, I’ve no nasty diseases. I haven’t heard from Jerome since, and I don’t want to.
I thought I’d found true happiness, but all Jerome was interested in was making money by cheating on me. It’s true what they say, money can’t buy you love.

Jerome Wesive, 23, said: ‘I no longer work in the adult industry. It was short-lived to help fund my business.
‘I do own a sports supplement firm and, by the time me and Farina got serious, I’d practically given up porn.
‘Farina seemed to enjoy the lifestyle I offered her, so I don’t see why she’s complaining, but I wish her the best.’
Farina Ray, 22, North London