Weight-lifting wrinkly!

Published by: Isabelle Loynes
Published on: 7th January 2010

Some days, I just can't believe my luck. Most husbands really let themselves go as they
get older.
First, their hair starts thinning, then the beer belly begins to grow, and they seem to forget how to shave.
Well, my Ronnie was different and that's why, even though he's aged 64, he's the envy of all my friends.
You see, I'm married to a buff bodybuilder!
Ronnie's always been very fit, and played footie and went cycling.
But when a knee injury meant he couldn't go running any more, he decided to hit the weights instead.
'Well then, there'll be no excuses when it comes to carrying the shopping,' I'd laughed, when he'd told me.
'It'll be good training for you.'
But I shouldn't have been
so mocking.
Suddenly, it was my hubby's muscles, not his beer belly, which were getting bigger.
'You look like Hercules,' I gasped one day, noticing his biceps poking through his cardie. And that got Ronnie thinking.
'The gym's running a Mr Muscle competition,' he winked, striking a muscle-man pose. 'Do you reckon I
should enter?'
'I? well,' I stuttered. 'You're twice the age of most competitors, but I reckon you can give them a run for their money.'
So, he stepped up his training, and began to enter more and more competitions over the following years.
I'd always thought we'd spend our 60s watching telly and taking long walks. Instead, Ronnie was pumping iron while I cooked his high-protein meals for him to pile on
the muscle.
All his hard work paid off this year, though, when he took part in the Masters over-60 bodybuilding competition.
'Go, Ronnie!' I shouted from the audience, as my hubby flexed his muscles.
All greased up and with a fake all-over body tan, he performed the moonwalk like a pro.
He impressed the judges so much he came first.
His six-pack might not be to everyone's taste, but if a fight ever breaks out down at the
post office on pension day, I know who I'd be backing!
Who says you have to grow old and wrinkly ? what's wrong with growing old and ripply?
Janette Cooney, 62 , Paisley, Central Lowlands